Mastering the art of je ne sais quoi…

Right. I’ve been given strict instructions by the WordPress Gods to focus on ONE idea for my blog: “Check out the most popular blogs…See how focused they all are? That wasn’t accidental.”

So WordPress is condemning me to failure before I’ve even started. I can’t focus on one thing. I’m a Spanish Londoner living in Paris having one of those quarter-life crisis things. Not in any sort of melodramatic way, It’s just that I’m at that stage where I’m meant to be figuring out the rest of my life…and it’s proving increasingly difficult to FOCUS.

This is a place where I’ll write about things I do, things I love, things I learn…And maybe it’ll help me to gain that focus that WordPress is so intent on me having.

Mastering the art of je ne sais quoi…Let the blogging begin!


One thought on “Mastering the art of je ne sais quoi…

  1. Peter Debagage says:

    I feel your pain! 😉

    As you set sail on unchartered waters, the prospect of treasure, plunder and adventure tantalisingly insinuates over the horizon, but beware: here be dragons!

    I look forward to future journals of your quest for the Holy Focus.

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