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Joshua Radin & Joseph Arthur – Café de la Danse

Contrary to what the name suggests, Café de la Danse is neither a cafe nor a dance club. What it is is a performance space tailored to hold small concerts, theatre shows etc. Self-described as “a place for cultural and musical gatherings”. A few weeks ago N and I got last-minute tickets to the Joseph Arthur & Joshua Radin gig, and we were so impressed!

The venue is great; intimate and atmospheric. It holds about 500 people, 250 of which are seated. The other 250 disperse around the bar on the above balcony or find a spot on the comfy persian rugs thrown in front of the stage.

I hadn’t heard of Joseph Arthur before but he’s actually been on the music scene for about 15 years. He was great; interesting/experimental/fresh… and by the end of his set he’d won over the entire audience. First off, his music could not be more complicated to perform – he was an electronic-one-man-band. He’d play his guitar and record it while adding in beats and riffs, and sing and push buttons, and whip out a harmonica…all at the same time. And if that were not enough to keep the intrigue, he’s also an artist and will paint a whole canvas on stage while simultaneously performing. It’s all quite self-indulgent but it’s impressive!

Then came the man with the most soothing voice on earth, Joshua Radin, who not only loves LOVE but also loves Paris A LOT, and so instantly felt a bond to his Parisian audience to which he kept telling all these little anecdotes about his experiences on the streets of this city – every song was preceded by this or by a story from when he was younger. And in the end it felt like we were over at an incredibly talented friend’s house, having some drinks, listening to music and having a good old chat. And his band was fantastic, everyone was having such a good time. It just felt genuine. Joseph Arthur was great but Joshua Radin stole the show.

Click here to see what’s on now at Café de la Danse…And to see more video clips from the concert click here!

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To the legend that is Freddie…

Freddie Mercury – 20 years gone but never forgotten.

Click here to see the greatest live performance of all time!

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Noir Désir

I’d just like to say that my parents are brilliant. I feel very lucky and am super proud of them. I’m pretty sure they think I never listened to a word they said when I was younger, but I so did!!

My dad used to tell me a lot of stories about when he first arrived in London, and one of the things he told me is that he started learning English through the lyrics of his favourite bands – The Beatles, Queen, Fleetwood Mac (my favourite song as a kid was Tango in the Night, memories of me almost passing out from holding my breath for that chorus note are flooding back.) Thinking about it now, it may be one of my all-time favourite albums.

So, anyway, a friend of mine introduced me to this French band called Noir Désir a couple of weeks ago, and I’m hooked. Their lyrics are very poetic, really difficult to translate literally…but their songs are just so beautiful.

I can feel my French improving already…Ahem.

Here’s a list of my favourite songs:

Des armes
Des visages, des figures (live)
A l’envers à l’endroit
Le vent nous portera feat. Manu Chao
Comme elle vient
A ton étoile feat. Yann Tiersen (live)

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