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Month of Mayhem

December. The month of mayhem. It’s always mayhem with the Christmas chaos. But this December was particularly manic. It started off with the hell of exams, followed by my last couple of weeks in Paris; meaning that everything I had not seen/bought/visited during the year MUST MUST have to be seen/bought/visited in those few days. So that was that, I’m not even going to go into detail, it was all a blur, thank God for my camera. Anyhow, after that it was time to move back to London – more chaos – we all know my timekeeping is not spectacular, but try being totally punctual while having to carry 6 pieces of luggage down a 150-stair spiral staircase, deal with rush-hour traffic and hobble on through Gare du Nord to catch the train back home. Yes.

I arrived back in London on the 23rd meaning that all those things you leave to the last minute at Christmas still had to be done (no time to actually move in back home). So that’s when that madness began; planning menus, buying presents etc. Followed by 3 days of non-stop cooking and eating with the family.

AND THEN, the boxing-day sales…Piece of advice to everyone: Do your sale shopping online!!! Don’t leave the house until New Year has come and gone. It’s a warzone. I went to Selfridges on the evening of the 26th – it had been cleared out, there was NOTHING left on the shelves. “OH MY GOD, it’s 50% off, it’s Prada, I don’t know what it’s for but I HAVE to have it!” People go crazy, actually crazy. Something in their heads triggers and nothing in the world matters but those Balenciaga boots. And then New Year’s Eve – by which time I was wiped and so very much appreciated staying at home with family, films, food and incredible fireworks!

AND somewhere in the middle of all of that was my birthday! Anyhow, it’s all calming down now, but I’m off to Spain soon, so I’ll have to pack again…But the December mayhem is over, people are normal again, and we can all breath a sigh of relief.

Empty shelves at Selfridges

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