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The Egyptian Revolution of 2011

“There are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen.”


I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the Egyptian people for showing the world the power of people and unity. It’s true, it’s only the beginning; Egypt has a lot to work on and rediscover as it rebuilds itself. But no matter how difficult, freedom and democracy are paramount. They are fundamental rights which belong to every human being. This alone is reason enough for us to support those who revolt against tyrants, no matter where we’re from!

As well as giving courage to those who are pleading for similar changes around the world, today also serves as a reminder to us who so often take these rights for granted. The Egyptian people have fought for their freedom admirably; peacefully and with dignity. And they have succeeded. GO EGYPT!

I also wanted to point out a great article which was forwarded to me this morning (Slavoj Žižek, The Guardian). Some of you may be interested in following his writing.

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