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Noir Désir

I’d just like to say that my parents are brilliant. I feel very lucky and am super proud of them. I’m pretty sure they think I never listened to a word they said when I was younger, but I so did!!

My dad used to tell me a lot of stories about when he first arrived in London, and one of the things he told me is that he started learning English through the lyrics of his favourite bands – The Beatles, Queen, Fleetwood Mac (my favourite song as a kid was Tango in the Night, memories of me almost passing out from holding my breath for that chorus note are flooding back.) Thinking about it now, it may be one of my all-time favourite albums.

So, anyway, a friend of mine introduced me to this French band called Noir Désir a couple of weeks ago, and I’m hooked. Their lyrics are very poetic, really difficult to translate literally…but their songs are just so beautiful.

I can feel my French improving already…Ahem.

Here’s a list of my favourite songs:

Des armes
Des visages, des figures (live)
A l’envers à l’endroit
Le vent nous portera feat. Manu Chao
Comme elle vient
A ton étoile feat. Yann Tiersen (live)

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